Caleb Trahan

Born April 1992 in Houston, Texas, Caleb Trahan grew up with a love​ for building and music. His adolescent years were rough, life’s struggles led to depression which resulted in drugs, alcohol and suicidal ideations. Caleb dropped out of high school when he was 15 years old and signed up for a military school that was pivotal in his life. Upon completion, he enlisted to the United States Army at the age of seventeen. Unfortunately, life did not get easier. He was discharged from the Army when he was nineteen years old, he left with some respectable characteristics, but was also damaged mentally and physically.

When arriving back in Houston, he was homeless, poor and had no direction. Caleb spent the following years the same way, working different jobs and moving around aimlessly. In 2017, Caleb was still working on his passions, music and carpentry. He worked full time as a carpenter, building custom and spiral staircases. Once he left work, he owned and operated a video production company where he would tour with bands and create live music videos. Between his two passions, it left him with little time to sleep.

May 14, 2017, in the early morning, he fell asleep driving home. His vehicle left the road and struck a large pole supporting traffic lights. Partially ejected from the vehicle, Caleb suffered nearly fifty injuries, several of which were critical. An emergency room doctor, on her way home to spend Mother's Day with her children, came across Caleb's truck in the ditch. After she told the 911 dispatcher everything she knew about Caleb's condition, she continued to hold his hand and trying to keep him awake. An hour later, the ambulance transported Caleb to the nearest trauma center, and she continued home, lost for words and feeling hurt for the stranger's mom, who would wake up on Mother's Day to losing her son.

Caleb was in traumatic cardiac arrest, which nationally has less than a one percent survival rate. Caleb lost his pulse three times during transport, and was actively dying upon arrival in the hospital. Six weeks and fifteen surgeries later, Caleb was discharged and sent home to spend the next several months in bed healing. As someone who never sat still, this adjustment seemed impossible. The first two weeks of bed rest and loneliness had him relapsed on the verge of suicide, trying to find a way to end his life and not hurt his parents, again. In attempts to find one last piece of hope, he reached out to the doctor that stopped and was there for him as he was dying. That was it, it was time for Caleb to create a success story.

He quit taking his pain medications and taught himself how to walk again, despite his broken legs. Within a couple months of his discharge date, he had enrolled in EMT school. He had set out to help someone else. Shortly after, he began working for the 911 service that responded to his car crash and saved his life. Working on the same ambulance with the paramedics that intubated and performed CPR on him just a couple years ago.

The inspiration in the story began to spread, articles were written, interviews were recorded and people all over the world reached out to Caleb about his story. In the beginning of 2019, Caleb began speaking at local high schools and became one of the most impactful public speakers. After receiving feedback from students, parents, teachers and principals, he knew he needed to do reach as many people as possible.