Caleb Trahan

Caleb Trahan has taken his story, one that needs no revision, and tailored it in order to create the perfect presentation that provides impact, inspiration, awareness, survival and the tools to do it. Through his creative storytelling, photographs, audio and video of the horrific car crash, humor and determination, the audience is guaranteed to take away the message that will resonate for a lifetime.

Five reasons you should hire Caleb Trahan:

  • Caleb is a friend, a peer, and he's relatable. He has the ability to teach without lecturing, and teens listen to him.
  • Caleb's passion speaks volumes. He's given two speeches, back-to-back, at one school. The parents, teachers and principal watched both presentations. "Wow, I was blown away both times. I was thinking, I just watched this and I'm as interested the second time around." 
  • Caleb is out to make a difference, not a fortune. He's a speaker that pours his heart into every word, shows up early, and stays late answering questions and talking one on one. 
  • Caleb is real and genuine, not a public figure, and he isn't robotic. He delivers each presentation with emotion, determination and heartache. The recipe that drove him to creating his success story. 
  • Caleb's presentation is diverse and can fit into several categories. Drowsy and impaired driving to raw inspiration. From depression and suicidal to resilience and survival. The takeaway is strong and the challenge is everlasting. 

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