Caleb Trahan

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Caleb Trahan is a veteran, traumatic cardiac arrest survivor, first responder and a unique motivational speaker, using his life (and death) story to inspire people and create awareness on safe driving. A story that has something to offer for everyone. Whether the fulfillment is simple inspiration, guidance through a traumatic experience and recovery, or prevention of the number one killer of teenagers. Caleb is the definition of transparency, he shares his battle of depression and the trials that come with recovery, and he shows himself at the most vulnerable point of his life while explaining how he used the good and the bad in order to create a success story.

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"We all have scars, some tell magnificent stories, most are never shared. In this image is the third degree burn I suffered in my crash. I was standing up, out of the windshield and my chest was laying on the airbag coil or engine block (not entirely sure which one). The scar hidden in the shadow under my left arm, that is from the paramedic that cut my chest open in order to relieve pressure of air surrounding my collapsed lungs. The procedure is called simple thoracostomy. It is rarely done in the field, and the chances of someone walking away with that scar are even less likely. It's what saved my life on the way to the hospital. I consider it my own 'Mark of Cain'. I used to be embarrassed by my hideous chest, but I've learned that it makes me who I am, it's created what I am today."

Caleb Trahan

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